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The Super2Bit Podcast: Episode 13 - The PlayStation price reveal special!

PlayStation got the big event up right now, come join us as we comment over it live as they finally announce pricing! Join us for this extra special podcast episode. Best enjoyed while watching along with the reveal video:

The Super2Bit Podcast: Episode 12 - Why we keep coming back to Call of Duty?

Tonight we look back at the entire Call of Duty series, finding out which are our favorites and what our thoughts on the newest entry are! Come join us for some memories and some in depth chat.

The Super2Bit Podcast Episode 11 - Are there too many games now?

Tonight we ask the question, are there just to many games to play these days? How do we find time to enjoy all of these games and how many d we even finish? Join us as we dive deep into this topic!

The Super2Bit Podcast: Episode 10 - The Apple vs Epic Fight explained!

Apple and Epic are battling it out in court around in app purchases and who owes who money. Lets talk about what it all means and what will happen from here.

The Super2Bit Podcast: Episode 9 - Flight Simulator 2020 the first true next gen game!

The Super2Bit Podcast: Episode 9 - Flight Simulator 2020 the first true next gen game! Tonight we take a look at the first true next gen game, and be completely blown away... Join the Double D and the Marxman as they look into this next game.

The Super2Bit Podcast Episode 8 - Can you stream full-time as a job in 2020

We asking the difficult question, if starting right now, can you expect to earn a living streaming? How long will it take and what are your chances?

The Super2Bit Podcast: Episode 7 - Can you get rich selling in game items?

In this weeks podcast we talk about buying and selling online items, and how wide spread it is, and how much money you could make. But there is a dark underbelly and black markets galore... lets dive in!

Super2Bit Podcast Episode 6 - Whats the deal with Vietnam and Age of Empires?

We look into the crazy popularity of the original age of empires in Vietnam, and try and figure out the secret to its success.

Super2Bit Podcast Episode 5: Is there a future for e-sports in SA?

Is there a future for e-sports in SA? We look at the results of past events, the history of some of the biggest SA e-sports teams,and how we compare to other parts of the world.

Super2bit Podcast Episode 4 - What Happened to DrDisRespect?

Crysis Remaster reveal, and whats up with the Doc? Lets do a deep dive and get involved.

Super2bit Podcast: Episode 3 - Mixer is dead! Where should you stream?

Where should you stream in 2020? Microsoft shocking everyone by shutting down Mixer and announcing over Twitter. We go in for a deep dive to see whats going to happen next.

Super2bit Podcast - Episode 2 - Which next gen console should you buy?

The new generation of consoles is right around the corner... We discuss which one looks best, and where we think you should put your money.

Super2bit Podcast - Episode 1 - The Last of Us Part 2

Come join us for our very first podcast , make sure you have a cold one ;) Tonight we are talking about The Last of Us Part 2 being too violent? Then Command and Conquer Remastered and lastly question time with you guys.

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